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MultiScanIdent® Database


The plug-in MultiScanIdent® allows setting up and query user-specific databases/libraries to facilitate identification and comparison of complex samples. These databases can also be made accessible for all users within a network. With the aid of the plug-in databases for complete mass spectrometric fingerprints can be established and e.g. utilized to elucidate the composition of unknown complex mixtures or the similarities between samples. Note, that in contrast to the plug-in ChromIdent® the mass spectral information of individual peaks in a chromatogram are summarized. The plug-in MultiScanIdent® may be particularly useful to categorize samples measured with direct insertion probe - mass spectrometry (DIP-MS) or pyrolysis – mass spectrometry (Py-MS). If you want to learn more about the plug-in, feel free to contact us.

Database plug-in MultiScanIdent®; plug-in of OpenChrom® - the open source alternative for chromatography and mass spectrometry. Service: software development, software implementation, software adjustment.